Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a superhero? This is your moment! Find balance, live the true meaning of freedom and discover a blue horizon that becomes your territory. Once you've mastered the art of flyboarding, your personalized pilot will teach you how to take to the sky and then dive into the water like a dolphin.

Flyboard is a totally different water sport, where you will learn to fly in the air thanks to a board under your feet, which is propelled by two powerful propulsion water jets, it is one of the most amazing and fun activities in the beautiful Laguna Nichupté .

Before beginning this incredible flight, you will receive an instruction session from your certified pilot on a floating platform, so you can learn how to use the equipment.
Jump into the water and signal your guide to increase the throttle, which will force 2 huge jets of water to shoot out from under your foot. Rise to heights of 9m and float weightless in the air. As you get more comfortable with the feel of flying, experiment with some steady turns before moving on to more advanced maneuvers like corkscrews and maybe even somersaults!

20 ó 30 minutos de actividad
Available days
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday y Saturday
Does not allow infants
No children allowed
Adults from 12 year(s)